Modern Logophilia


The English language contains over 170,000 words. Yet, almost all of what we read in newspapers, write in emails, exchange in conversation and shout at recalcitrant vending machines is made up of a mere 3,000 commonly used words.


Sequestered within the remaining 98% is a wealth of neglected gems; as beautiful as they are unfamiliar. Created for people who love words as much as we do, Modern Logophilia digs out these quiescent nuggets, dusts them off and gives them the care and attention we think they deserve.


Ivana Catovic

Ivana is a London-based conceptual graphic designer who does this sort of thing all the time. See for yourself at


Simon Kent

Simon lives in South East London and has fifteen years’ experience as a copywriter for a number of clients, some of whom still talk to him.

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